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The Story Behind RADrock Creations

Our designers and installation artists mold, sculpt, texturize and color decorative concrete to replicate the look and feel of real rock formations.

RADrock Creations is a specialty construction company experienced in the design, engineering and installation of artistic, hand-carved realistic concrete rock landscape features.

The RADrock Creations team has over 30 years of experience developing, managing and supervising residential and commercial construction projects throughout the US, Canada and the Caribbean. In addition to our residential and commercial architectural landscape projects such as waterfalls, rock slides and grottoes, RADrock offers engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services to developers of adventure recreation attractions including water parks, adventure parks and theme parks.

RADrock Creations plans, designs, creates and repairs realistic concrete rock for landscape, architecture and adventure recreation projects.

Who We Are

Glendon Spencer, founder of RADrock Creations, focused the last ten years on marrying his creative artistic energy with his craftsmanship and construction expertise. As a result of his increasing success, Glendon decided to engage John Warfield, a seasoned construction business development and operations specialist to expand RADrock’s project portfolio and industry partnerships.

Prior to the foundation of RADrock, Glendon and Warfield installed over 25 realistic rock climbing walls for Eldorado Climbing Walls. Together, they tackled jobs across the country for the US Military, major universities and colleges, and several municipalities. They have served under some of the largest national general contractors including Turner, Skanska, JE Dunn, Layton and many more.

Today, RADrock Creations specializes in planning, designing and creating realistic concrete rock landscape architecture and adventure recreation projects.

Glendon Spencer

Sculptor at RADrock Creations

John Warfield

Business Development and Operations at RADrock Creations