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RADrock Creations Commercial Work

RADRock is proud of our hard-earned reputation for excellence in the commercial decorative concrete industry.

RADrock Creations’ expertise lies in the fabrication and construction of realistic, decorative concrete landscapes and themed attractions. We pair state-of-the-art materials and construction processes with experienced artisans to create unforgettable experiences for themed parks and entertainment centers. Compared to natural rock and stone, our product is more versatile and more efficient while reducing overall construction costs.

Our team of artisans, designers, and project managers serve as a time and money saving complement to specially construction firms. We are proud to serve as a valued partner, allowing these firms to provide competitive pricing to their customers while delivering exceptional decorative concrete features. Our core team has worked together for over a decade and grown our business from a backyard operation to a nationally recognized specialty construction company.

We sculpt, texture, and color each project to replicate the look and feel of real rock formations.

Decorative Concrete Inspired by Nature and Built to Last

We sculpt, texture, and color each product to replicate the look and feel of real rock formations and other decorative features. We incorporate a variety of materials to meet the demands of heavy use found in commercial applications. Our concrete mixtures can produce rocks that are extremely strong (up to 9600 psi), lightweight and built to look its best for the foreseeable life of the product. We provide a standard one-year warranty and are committed to working with all of our clients to make any improvements as the product ages.

Maintenance and Restoration Services

Like anything exposed to the elements and subjected to heavy wear and tear, artificial concrete rock will, eventually, need maintenance or repair. RADrock’s experienced technicians have helped multiple clients by assessing, diagnosing and remedying issues caused by time and use. Whether you need repair, repainting or even a complete overhaul, our team can help. Contact us today to get the process started!

Our Valued Partners

We partner with a wide range of industry experts, architects, engineers, general contractors, theme park designers, waterpark developers, climbing wall manufacturers, and adventure park builders. RADrock Creations launched into the commercial specialty concrete construction industry with the support of several strategic partners: Attractions & Entertainment Solutions, Recreation by Lemmie Jones, Associated Pool Builders, and most recently, Legoland New York.

Commercial Work Case Studies

Raging River Waterfall by RADrock Creations
Commercial Work

Raging River Waterpark: Refurbish or Rebuild?

The Raging River Waterpark in Bismarck, ND faced a tough decision: Should they continue to invest in refurbishing their decade-old waterfall feature, or spend the money to rebuild it with updated materials?

Ready to Discuss a Commercial Project?

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