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Residential Case Study

Creating an Oasis: A Realistic Concrete Rock Poolside Grotto

RADRock partnered with H2Oasis Pool and Spa to create this unique residential water feature including a poolside grotto with a slide, staircase, upper deck and two fire pits.

Creating an Oasis: The Design

In the winter of 2018, RADRock was contacted by H2Oasis Pool and Spa of Gainesville, Florida, to assist with the design and installation of a unique water feature for one of their residential clients, the Brush family. After a few phone calls with the homeowners to explore their vision, RADrock’s design team developed a plan to bring it to life.

To help the Brush family visualize what the final product would look like in their space, our designers created a realistic rendering and documents detailing the included features and functions of the project. Together, these documents helped the client and everyone involved with the construction understand the scope of the project and served as our guide for the creation and installation of the poolside grotto.


Creating an Oasis: The Process

Preparing the Site for Construction

Throughout the balance of the winter, RADrock worked closely with H2Oasis to ensure that the site was properly prepared and the mechanical systems were in place. Our first concern was making sure the new concrete pad would be strong enough to support the weight of the finished structure. Putting in this time and effort during the planning phase ensured that the Brush family would enjoy many years of trouble-free enjoyment in their backyard oasis.

Next, we made sure the installation of the gas and water distribution systems for the waterfall two fire pits were done properly. Once again, doing this work on the front end of the project meant everything was correctly located and stubbed in prior to RADRock arriving on site.

Forming the Substructure

In the early spring of 2019, RADrock arrived on site to a completed pool shell, a cured concrete pad and all mechanical equipment in place.

We got right to work installing a combination of EPS foam and concrete form tubes to create the substructure and void fill. The RADrock crew then shaped the foam to create the underlying form of the grotto, waterfall, slide, accent rocks and fire pits.

The entire feature was then gridded out with rebar and blanketed in glass lathe to provide long-lasting durability. This entire substructure is then encased in a concrete rough coat that gives shape to the realistic rock features and increases the overall strength of the shell.

Creating an Oasis: Sculpting a Realistic Rock Finish Coat

After the rough coat comes our team’s favorite part of the job: shaping and sculpting the final coat of concrete to create a realistic rock look. This is where our concrete artists create the look and feel of natural rock throughout the structure. Varying shapes, texture and colors are all blended together to create the illusion of natural stone that blends beautifully into the pool, deck and surrounding landscaping.

Creating an Oasis: The Outcome

After all the hard work put in by RADrock and H2Oasis Pool and Spa for the Brush Family, everyone was thrilled with the new custom pool grotto. Check out the details and let us know if you have any questions!

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